Ban Ki-Moon

Many, if not most, LGBTI people go through a period of self-discovery. At the beginning, many of us feel we are the only one who has the feelings we have. Soon we learn that there are other LGBTI folks in the world, but often we find ourselves alienated from our families, places of worship, schools and society at large.

With all this alienation, it is inspiring to me to have Ban Ki Moon tell me that I’m not alone and that he is with me and he calls on the rest of the world to be with me, too. When I arrived at the UN in 2008, hardly anyone was talking about LGBTI rights; to see this video now, it’s incredible to see how far things have come.

Many of the LGBTI human rights activists in some of the video’s photos are dear friends. I find this video very uplifting in a way that exemplifies the best work of the United Nations, which many of us here feel is the best hope for world peace, justice and respect for human rights. – UU-UNO Director Bruce Knotts